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Sometimes a change of noseband works better than altering the style of bit. We carry many different choices of noseband from rope to elastic etc

New from Beris

New from Beris this year is the comfort thin range. Available in this 15mm thickness and with either a soft or hard density in many styles including Beris Hanging Cheek.

Need a more effective snaffle?
These are quick acting bits which are nice and neat in appearance. Ideal for hunting. Available in many different mouthpieces.

Stubben 2 in 1 Snaffle

Stubben 2 in 1 Snaffle


Stubben 2 in 1 Snaffle

A brand new idea from the designers of the Danger/Ez Control bit. The 2 in 1 concept brings together two mouthpices in one bit. Used the "soft" side the bit is like a normal lozenge snaffle but turn the bit 90 degrees  the bit then becomes a stronger "listen to me" bit. The edges have been left on making the bit a little sharper. Ideal for horses that have started to lean, need lightening etc.

To identifiy which side the bit is being used  there is a + on one side of the bit. If the plus sign is visible from the mounting side then the more effective side is in use. There is also the words soft and strong on the mouthpiece aswell.

metric size:
imperial size:

Quantity:  at  £64.50  each

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